after making a EMU Orbit editor in max/msp, I received several emails asking for a max for live version of the editor.

So, here it is: basically it’s a max for live midi effect, you just throw it on a midi track, click on “open editor window” and you have the whole interface to edit your preset in the Orbit.

Here are the limitations: there is only one “editing buffer” in the Orbit, so you can edit only the preset which is selected in the Orbit tiny interface (don’t forget it’s a 90s machine).

There is no way for me (I searched) to save presets from the editor: that means you can use the editor to make a preset, then you have to save it using the Orbit scroll wheel and interface (yeah I know, it’s a pain). After your presets are done, you can stick them on channels 1 to 16 of your Orbit and then use 16 presets (multitimbrality is nice) on midi channels 1 to 16.

Midi mapping on the parameters do work, but there is no way to draw those nice automations enveloppes and hear the result: the EMU glitches when you send parameters change (it’s in sysex and again: 90s tech !)

For smoother automations, you can use the patchcord page and use “real time controllers”.

I’m a freelance musician and composer, I’m in no way a software developper: that means I answer emails but I can’t take much time to help you understand what MIDI is and how it works. You have to figure things by yourself a bit: the editor works on my setup.

DOWNLOAD THE EMU Orbit Editor M4L Version